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Invite your expressiveness out to play and feel yourself transformed

Process painting is disarmingly simple. It requires no previous art training and uses basic tools: brushes, paper and a high-quality poster paint called "tempera." The process invites you to listen, to become deeply present to your own inner urgings, and to respect and explore what arises. It gives you the opportunity to encounter your imagination and the energy embodied in your unique creative expression.

Creating without expectations or a plan nurtures your most fundamental self: the playful child, the risk taker, the explorer. You might meet your inner critic or weave a limiting story about yourself. With gentle facilitation, you can practice befriending these stumbling blocks to move beyond familiar difficulties.

Exploring color, marks on paper, texture, movement and image is a powerful way to experience yourself in the present moment. We work in silence, in a safely held meditative environment, without discussion or comparison.

Process painting is useful for those who create in any way or who practice meditation, yoga or other healing arts: therapists, educators, writers, artists, architects and anyone who longs to find their way back to their creative home.


"The crucial concept here is to come to know what is right for you, at this moment in your process. Honor any resistance, do not push through it heroically. There is no rush. Trust soul, trust image, and trust your own gut."

-- Pat B. Allen, Art is a Way of Knowing

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